Our investment philosophy

One philosophy for every kind of market

We’ve been helping investors achieve what’s most important to them for nearly 100 years using the same straightforward investing philosophy: Invest for the long term, seek quality investments and manage risk through diversification.

  • A long-term strategy

  • Hyper focus on quality

  • We don't disclose or sell any information about our clients and their transactions to any third parties

  • As a financial institution , we operate strictly within the policies of international financial law



Setting your path

You’re unique, and so is your path to reaching your financial goals. We’re here to back you up with big ideas, practical plans and guidance every step of the way. It all starts with a single question: What’s your dream for what comes next?


How we make recommendations

We’re very selective about the investments we recommend. Because we know how hard you’re working to achieve the milestones that mean the most to you. And we want to make sure we’re giving you the best possible choices.


Investment Policy Committee

The Investment Policy Committee (IPC) defines and upholds the firm’s investment philosophy, which is grounded in the principles of quality, diversification and a long-term focus. The IPC provides guidance about financial and investment strategies, creating the guidelines your financial advisor can incorporate when developing personalized recommendations and strategies for your specific goals.